• Wszystko, co dotyczy ofert Internetu mobilnego.
Wszystko, co dotyczy ofert Internetu mobilnego.

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 #1016735  autor: snaps
 18 wrz 2018, 08:10
I am English man living in Poland. I have Play Na Karte Internet, Today I have reached my 100gb limit for my unlimited month. The problem is that I cannot cancel my month to get a new one, How do I get full speed back? Do I top up? I tried adding the 5gb non stop addon, but it doesnt work.

Sorry for posting in English, I can speak Polish, but you may find it harder to understand!!

Thank you, for any help.

Dzien dobry,
Jestem Anglikiem! Mam Play Bez Limitu Na Karte (100gb), Dzis osiągnąłem moj limit (100gb), Więc teraz mam niska prędkość (1mb). Jak ja znowu szybko? Ja kupuje "5gb non stop", ale to nie działa.
Przepraszam za mój polski..........

 #1016879  autor: mpiter
 18 wrz 2018, 11:37
5GB Non Stop add-on is only for website, not for streaming, facebook, spotify, etc.
Try to top-up your account or try turn on normal add-on(not only for website)
 #1016891  autor: snaps
 18 wrz 2018, 11:59
Really, This explains why I can open webpages then, but I cannot open video streams.

Unfortunately, i used 100gb in 2 weeks and still have 2 weeks left before my month is finished.

I tried to order a new unlimited addon but play24 doesnt allow me, until my current addon finishes.

I also topped up my account, but i have no luck, just 1mbs speed!!
 #1016967  autor: mpiter
 18 wrz 2018, 19:11
I think, you need contact with customer service at *500 or 790 500 500, maybe they can reset your speed limit.
Or buy new sim card.